CRE8 DESIGN's Kris Verstockt will be a keynote speaker at Computex 2013


CRE8 DESIGN director is scheduled to speak on June 5

The central design theme for Computex 2013 can be expressed as follows:  “What Design Can Do for You.”  The fundamental message in the title clearly hints at the vital importance of design. However, one could also envision a counter statement:  “What Design Cannot Do for You.” What goes wrong with many a design project?

In his keynote speech, Kris Verstockt elaborates on how essential it is to thoroughly comprehend assignment directives – and how to identify misunderstandings and misalignments that can take a design team off-course.  He emphasizes the critical importance of innovation – and identifies what can go wrong in the course of innovating. His deductions are supported with real-world examples of successes and failures.

The second component of Mr. Verstockt’s address focuses on design thinking, the design process, and how critical it is to ask the right questions. Time and again, organizations (including design partners) are too eager to find the right answers without exploring whether they are asking the right questions. Kris Verstockt’s keynote demonstrates the extreme importance of a simple question:  “Why are we doing this ?”  The answers to this question are key to the entire design exercise. 

Kris Verstockt will speak from 14:30-15:15 in 5th Fl. Room 504bc
of the Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall.