Corsair® M60 Mouse Wins Red Dot Award 2012


The M60 laser gaming mouse focuses on high performance and meets the unique needs of serious PC gamers, including professional gamers, who specialize in First-Person-Shooting games (FPS).

It features a high-grade laser sensor with instant resolution switching and a solid metal scroll wheel with a delicately carved rubber track. All parts are mounted onto the sturdy aluminum uni-body with adjustable center of gravity. It eliminates any flex or instability, thus providing highest precision during game play. The outer shell is purposely fragmented; revealing the inner structure and clearly reflecting its functionality.

A key innovation is the ergonomically designed and emphasized side sniper button, a mayor tool in FPS games which allows an instant toggle to a high-precision mode for more accurate aiming. The rough textured side panel safely provides utmost grip and connects the gamer with the tool in even the hottest gaming action.